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Tue 01 May 18

150th year of Weymouth Lifeboat station committee meetings


Weymouth lifeboat station will be holding its AGM on Tuesday 1st May 2018 at 6.00pm at Weymouth Sailing Club. All are welcome to attend.

This will be the 150th anniversary of Weymouth RNLI lifeboat station.
The first recorded was a committee meeting which was held on the 1st May 1868 when a group of local politicians and businessmen meet to discuss the offer of the Earl of Strafford to purchase and present to the town a lifeboat. It was the following January before the lifeboat and lifeboat station were ready for operational use.
The AGM will start over a year of celebrations planned to commemorate the 150 years of there being a lifeboat stationed at Weymouth.

The minutes of the first AGM are copied below.

Friday, 1st May 1868

At a Meeting convened by His Worship the Mayor (John Tizard Esq.) to take into consideration the offer of the Earl of Strafford to place, at his expense, a Life-Boat at Weymouth.

His Worship the Mayor (In the Chair), Capt. Burnett RN, G Bishop Esq., Capt J Barrett RN, Charles Penny Esq., Capt. J W East RN, William Symonds Esq.,F C Sheggall Esq.,George Andrews Esq.,
Mr R Damon,R G Cheesman,(Capt. Ward RN, Inspector of Life-Boats)

Proposed by G Bishop Esq. and seconded by Charles Penny Esq. that the offer of the Earl of Strafford be accepted; and that an Establishment be founded for this district in connection with the Royal National Life-Boat Institution.
Carried unanimously.

Proposed by G Bishop Esq and Seconded by Charles Penny Esq that the Gentlemen present do form themselves into a Committee, and that the names of George Eliot Esq, William Thompson Esq, Capt Prowse RN and Edward Bayly Esq be added thereto with power to add to their number. Carried.

Proposed by Capt Barrett RN and seconded by G Bishop Esq that Lord Ashby be invited to become the President of this Branch of the Institution. Carried.

Proposed by G Bishop Esq and Seconded by Capt Burnett RN that John Tizard be appointed the Chairman of the Local Committee. Carried unanimously.

Proposed by George Andrews Esq and seconded by F C Sheggall Esq that Robert G Cheesman be appointed as Honorary Secretary. Carried unanimously.

Proposed by Capt J W East and Seconded by William Symonds Esq that Mr Henry Walter Ferry be appointed the Collector of Subscriptions for this district; and that he be paid for such services ten per cent on new, and five per cent on old Collections. Carried.

Decided at the Meeting that the Life-Boat be manned firstly by the Coast Guard and local mariners (with permission of the Coast Guard Authorities).
That the Hon. Secretary should summon the Attendance of the Committee once a quarter.

Proposed by Charles Penny Esq and Seconded by G Bishop Esq that a vote of thanks be accorded to the Earl of Strafford for his munificent Gift. Carried unanimously.

Signed: Signed:
Robt G Cheesman John Tizard
Hon. Sec. Chairman