ILB Launches, Weymouth

Sat 19 September 20

ILB launched to assist capsized kayaker


Time Out  2020-09-19 15:45:00

Time In  2020-09-19 15:50:00

Type  Kayaker

Position  Hood entrance

Helm  Alice Higgins



Solent Coastguard requested the launch of the ILB to a report of an elderly gentleman in difficulty in the water having fallen from a kayak. A craft in the area had unsuccessfully tried to recovery the casualty and requested immediate assistance. Language difficulty of the radio operator on scene hindered the sitrep, the location of the incident was still being confirmed as lat/long provided to CG put the casualty in a different area from what was described, CG were also unable to confirm if casualty was wearing a lifejacket. The CG were in the process of contacting Portland port to assist.

With the above in consideration the DLA paged the launch of the ILB.

The ILB slipped off the trolley however was immediately stood down when it was confirmed that the casualty had been recovered by Portland Port. The casualty was cold, however otherwise ok and in the process being landed ashore. Kayak was still drifting at time of stand down.

The ILB was rehoused and made ready for the next tasking in line with C19 procedu