ILB Launches, Weymouth

Fri 09 October 20

ILB assits Coastguards in extraction of injured person


Time Out  2020-10-09 15:18:00

Time In  2020-10-09 18:30:00

Type  Medivac

Position  First Beach. Grove Point. Portland

Helm  Tim Anderton



NMOC requested lifeboat assistance to evacuate a person with a dislocated knee at First Beach, Durdle Pier, East Side of Portland.
Coastguards were in attendance.
ILB paged, launched and proceeded
Once on scene 2 crewmembers were landed ashore.
Due to the location of the casualty and the shoreline in that location it was decided to move the person, who was already in a coastguard stretcher, 200 metre along the shore to a safer extraction point.
Once this was completed, the ILB approached the shore and recovered the casualty in the stretcher and the 2 crewmember’s.
On secure, the ILB proceeded towards Castletown to landed the casualty.
Due to the tide, and steep access point at Castletown the plan was revised, and the casualty was taken to Portland Marina were he was landed back into the care of the Coastguards while awaiting the arrival of the ambulance.
The ILB was released to return to station where it was refuelled and cleaned tio COVID requirements before being placed back on services.